Greg Fetherston - Jefferson High School Baseball Coach - 2014 D2 State Champions

"We started using the PAW in 2013. It has been one of our staple hitting drills. We have a 4 station hitting circuit that we do just about every night and the PAW is one of the athletes favorite. We have won our Conference Championship every year since using the PAW.  Also, we won the State Championship in 2014 and broke every team hitting record that year. Since then we have also had 9 players play college baseball and several all state players. Everyone of them used the PAW on a regular basis. The players like it because you can simulate the speed for faster pitchers. This machine does not allow you to hit the ball if your swing is long. It reinforces our players to stay short to the ball and maintain the hands inside as they lead through the zone. You can set up the PAW to work any part of the plate and use many of your tee and soft drills on the machine. I Highly recommend the PAW. Great hitting tool that will greatly improve your swings!"

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Scott Staude - Burlington High School Baseball Coach - 2016 D1 Spring State Champions

"We have used The Paw for the past four seasons. Our players love the accurate pitches it throws. This consistency has allowed us to get more quality swings in at open gyms and practices. The ability to change the speed of the pitch makes it ideal for all ages and abilities. The Paw has helped our players become better hitters!"

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Jason Berken - Major League Pitcher - Oriols & Cubs

"The PAW is a proven winner and great for any coach at any level. If you want to get your hitters right, invest in the PAW!"

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Aaron Zweifel - Lake Geneva High School Baseball Coach

"The PAW is a life-saver for us, especially for indoor practices.  It's portable and easy to operate.  Adjusting pitch speed, and location couldn't be simpler and we use it with our middle schoolers up through our high schoolers.  The PAW is the best training tool I've ever used to coach bat speed.  Our players learn how to adjust to higher velocity, not by swinging harder, but by loading quicker.  Our players love challenging themselves on the PAW and it's paid great dividends for our hitters.  Everyone needs the PAW."

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Steve Hotter - Jefferson American Legion Baseball

"The Jefferson Legion Baseball team has been using the PAW for a number of years.  We have it set up in our batting cage, and it allows the players to get a lot of quality swings in a short period of time. It’s accuracy is amazing, and being able to adjust the speed for little league through college levels makes it ideal for players of all ages.  We use it prior to every game, the kids love it!  I have been coaching baseball for over 30 years and I am a firm believer that using the PAW helps kids of all ages become better hitters."

The PAW Pitching Simulator

Check out this great video

Hitting & Pitching Simulator

Builds proper hitting technique in a short period of time.  Developes quicker hands and bat speed.

Each machine comes with 1 dozen special light weight balls especially for use in The PAW.  Extra balls are available below.

Light weight and easy to use.  Compact and easy to transport.  No electricity needed so you can use anywhere.

Use in a small space or basement.  Variable speeds for all ages.

Developed  by 55 year Professional Baseball player, scout, and coach. 

Computer CNC produced.  Quality Guaranteed!


Cosider the following.

This machine throws a solid light-weight ball over a distance of 25-50 feet with great accuracy of 80-90% strikes.  When used as recommended there is very little fade.  That means the ball maintains very realistic velocity.

The greatest advantage of this tool is that it simulates a pitchers throwing motion.  In other words the machine THROWS THE BALL.  It doesn't shoot it.  Meaning the ball has natural backwards rotation like off the fingers of a pitcher.

It can simulate pitches from 68-87 mph.  However it is important to know that an 87 mph from 25 feet is equivalent to a real baseball 90+ mph from 60' 6". It has been very carefully manufactured using state of the art CNC machining so it should last for many years.  Each machine if fully gauranteed.

Hitter using the machine will have to learn not to use excess body, head, or arm movement.  Quickness of the bat to ball usually happens very fast and hitting quickley improves.  The operator has the option of selecting the location of any pitch. (High, low, inside, outside.)

Since the balls are light weight, so outdoor practice doesn't need a lot of room.  Also no one should ever get hurt by a wild pitch if used properly.  It is very compact and easy to move on its wheels.  Best of all no electricity is needed.

Batting cages work espically well.  Only half of a normal cage is needed.  The other end of the cage can be used for soft toss or tee work.  Teams using The PAW can get twice the amount of quality batting practice in the same amonut of time when compared to much more expensive machines.

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The best way to learn quick hands and bat speed!

Safety First!

A safety screen comes with all machines.

Adjust for all ages!

Move the band location for small kids all the way to College age.

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Dozen Balls = $30

New Band = $10

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